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Caframo Ecofans

Founded in 1955, Caframo have over 10 years experience in designing and manufacturing Thermal Electric Technology, making them a leader in their field and are routinely recognised for their 12V and 24V marine fans.

Instead of running off of cords or batteries and using your main electricity sources, the Ecofans generate their own electricity using a patented “Seebeck Effect”.

This method of self-power is dependent on the temperature differences between the top and base of the fan, which trigger a reaction causing electrons to surge around the fan, rotating the blades without means of standard domestic electricity.

The Ecofan draws in cool air from the surroundings over its cooling fins, which collide with warm air being generated by your stove. This excellent method of generating warm air flow means you get an increased circulation of air into your living space, giving you a comfortable setting on a winters day.

We currently stock the Caframo Ecofan 800, 802 and 812 models.

Stove Ecofans

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  1. Caframo Ecofan 802

    The perfect winter warmer for your boat, requiring no chords or batteries and in significantly increasing stove performance.  Available in Brass or Nickel

    Starting at: £154.00
  2. Caframo Ecofan 800

    The perfect winter warmer for your boat, requiring no batteries or mains to circulate warm air and greatly improve stove performance. Available with nickel or brass blades.

    Starting at: £99.00
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