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Cabin Lighting

A wide range of practical cabin lights for your boat. All of our cabin lights have been tested to give you the best lighting in your boat whilst minimising the draw on the battery.

We stock halogen interior lights, fluorescent strip lights, and LED cabin lights.

To dramatically reduce power consumption you can light your cabin with modern LED light bulbs. The lights we stock are suitable for both boat and caravan use.

Cabin Lighting

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  1. Stainless Steel Dome Cabin Light

    12 Volt stainless steel interior lamp with toggle switch, which can be fitted into the cabin of your boat.

  2. Royal Brushed Nickel LED Down Light Flush Mount

    Sophisticated LED technology prevents excessive drain on your batteries or large electricity bills.

  3. Oval Brushed Nickel LED Light

    Sophisticated LED lights, which will modernize your boat and minimize the drain on your battery.

  4. Royal LED 9 Ceiling Light

    Sophisticated LED lights, which will modernize your boat and minimize the drain on your battery.
    Starting at: £17.95
  5. Lumo EcoSpot 1.0W Lamp

    Attractive, fully adjustable, switch operated LED spotlight. Energy efficient, with low power consumption.
  6. Labcraft Pearl Lights, 13W and 8W

    Attractive and cost effective 12v boat cabin tube light. Both 13W and 8W models available.
    Starting at: £17.50
  7. MiniSpot Halogen Spotlight

    Fully adjustable halogen ceiling spotlight. This energy efficient light is 10W and has an attractive satin/chrome finish.
  8. Lumo XL Tube Light

    Attractive slim, low profile fluorescent tube light with 8W bulb. Provides stylish, energy efficient lighting for your boat cabin.
  9. Labcraft 8W Nordic

    Stylish fluorescent tube lighting for your cabin. Features a slim, low profile, and easy to remove casing for bulb replacement.
  10. Lumo Cabin Light 8W, 16W

    This attractive slimline cabin light provides cost effective, yet stylish lighting for your boat cabin. Available in a single bulb 8W model, or twin bulb 16W model.
    Starting at: £19.95
  11. Brass Dome Cabin Light

    Attractive cabin dome light in lacquered brass with switch, available in three sizes.
    Starting at: £25.50
  12. Dome Cabin Light Teak Base

    Dome cabin light teak base, stylish 12V cabin light ensures you keep the aesthetic of a classic river cruiser without sacrificing efficiency.

    Starting at: £29.25
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12 Item(s)