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Boat Watch Anti Theft Security Outboard Cover

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An effective and low-cost outboard theft deterrent brought to you by Boat Watch. Remove your outboard cowling and replace with this waterproof and breathable security cover when you are not on board.


Boat Watch Outboard Security Cover

This is a highly effective and low cost solution to outboard theft.

The outboard cover is supplied in 3 differents sizes:

 Small Outboard Cover 4-15 HP  
 Medium Outboard Cover  15-45HP  
 Large Outboard Cover 45-75HP  


Remove the outboard engine cover and replace it with Boat Watch cover, this will protect the engine from the elements but not allow the engine to be started or used. The outboard cowling, once removed should then be stored away from the boat.

If the engine is stolen its value would be considerably reduced. Outboard cowlings are expensive items and selling an outboard without a cowling increases the risk of identification for the thief. Marine engine manufacturer's agents have been informed of the plan and are encouraged to report any suspicious enquiries for the purchase of replacement cowlings.

The numbers of outboards stolen in the UK have been steadily rising in recent years. Some early attempts to address the problem have included permanently defacing cowlings and removing outboards when not in use. The welding of stainless studs and the use of heavy duty outboard locks has proven effective; however the criminals are becoming increasingly ruthless and further deterrents are required.

Simply remove the outboard hood when vessel is not in use and fit the theft reduction cover

  • Removing the hood instantly reduces the value of outboard to criminal
  • Cowlings are expensive to replace, starting at £100 for small outboards
  • Attempting to replace the hood draws attention to the criminal
  • Manufactured from high quality materials
  • Drawstring enables quick and secure fit
  • Locking straps reduce casual vandalism
  • Vents reduce condensation


  • The crime reduction cover should always be used with other security mechanisms
  • The cover should only be cleaned with mild detergent
  • Let the engine cool down before placing the cover on

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