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Pedestals and Helm Seat Accessories

We have a large range of helm seat pedestals suitable for all of our helm seats as well as sliders and seat swivels.  All pedestals are made from either aluminium or alloy and are fully adjustable giving you a convenient and luxury cruise down stream in your boat.

Pedestals and Helm Seat Accessories

Pedestals and Helm Seat Accessories

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  1. Universal Boat Seat Swivel

    Heavy duty universal boat seat swivel.
  2. Zwaardvis Aluminium Seat Sliders

    Helmseat sliders by Zwaardvis.
  3. Zwaardvis Aluminium Seat Top

    Zwaardvis aluminium seat top.
  4. Zwaardvis Adjustable Seat Pedestal

    Adjustable Zwaardvis manual seat pedestal, 545 - 780mm.
  5. Folding Seat Support

    This innovative and space-saving idea allows you to stow away un-used seats, providing you with more space in your cockpit.
  6. Zwaardvis Raised Pedestal Base

    Raised anodised pedestal base designed and manufactured by Zwaardvis for their helmseat solution system.
  7. Zwaardvis Recessed Pedestal Base

    Anodised flush fit base for Zwaardvis pedestals.
  8. Zwaardvis Powermatic Adjustable Pedestal

    Fully adjustable Zwaardvis pedestal 555 - 825mm with pneumatic operation.
  9. Vetus Manually Adjustable Pedestal

    High quality manually adjustable pedestal with slider 430-635mm.

  10. Zwaardvis Footrest

    Zwaardvis footrest suitable for 60mm Ø Zwaardvis tube.
  11. Osculati Manually Adjustable Pedestal

    Osculati manually adjustable pedestal, complete with a locking pin mechanism to ensure that no slipping occurs even in the harshest of conditions.

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11 Item(s)