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Boat Flags & Flag Poles

All of our nautical flags and flag staffs are chosen for their quality and value. The materials used are all marine grade and UV resistant to limit fading whilst being durable and long lasting.

Our range of flag staffs typically have a 20mm, 22mm or 25mm diameter.

Most boats in the UK will fly The Red Ensign Flag, the civil ensign for British ships. The Red Ensign flag originated in the early 17th century and was flown by the Royal Navy and British Merchant Seamen. 

The sizes available in our range start from 1/2 yard and go up to 2 yards. Have a look at our flag size chart to help chose the correct flag and flag staff.

Boat Flag & Flag Pole Sizes

Boat Flag Size Chart

Flags & Flag Poles

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  1. Boat Flag Poles - 22mm Base

    Traditional Wooden Flag Pole, with 22mm diameter base, complete with string and cleat for securing flags.

    Starting at: £19.50
  2. Angled Flag Pole Deck Base 60 Degrees

    Made from Stainless Steel, this flag pole deck base is angled at 60 degrees, with two diameter options of 22mm or 25mm.
    Starting at: £14.95
  3. Angled Flag Pole Transom Base 30 Degrees

    Made from stainless steel and angled at 30 degrees with two diameter options of 22 mm or 25 mm.
    Starting at: £12.95
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3 Item(s)