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Boat Fenders

We stock a large variety of marine fenders with a full range of colours and fender sizes to fit your boat.

Anchor Marine are the UK's leading boat fender manufacturers and their products are renowned for their versatility and durability.

Bow Fenders are conventionally used on the front (bow) of your boat and protect you from head on collisions that may occur when mooring.

Corner Fenders are used on the transom (rear corners) of your boat and will protect you against minor bumps and scrapes from the rear sides of your boat.

Boat Fenders

Anchor Marine Fenders Free Fender Rope Offer

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  1. Traditional Rope Fender for Narrowboat - Tipcat Fender

    Provides protection for your bow and stern.
  2. Flat Canal Fender 42x12x6 cm

    Flat fenders designed for optimum protection in canals. 42x12x6 cm (16x5x2")

    Starting at: £11.50
  3. Angle Dock Fender

    Adjustable Angle Dock Fender perfect for pontoons.
  4. Ladder Fender Blue 2 Step

    Blue two step ladder fender, protects your boat as well as allowing easy access on board.
  5. Fender Flutes (Pair)

    A pair of fender flutes to suspend your boat fenders at an adjustable height. The flutes let you hang your fenders using friction not knots and fit both 22mm rails and 25mm rails.

  6. Canal Fender Hanging Hook

    The canal fender hanger is made from a light plastic and designed to fit around the handrails on traditionally styled narrowboats boats.

  7. Hanging Bracket for Side Fenders

    A weatherproof steel fender bracket designed for Narrowboats with a 'c' section handrail.

  8. Python Fender Hanger

    A universal alternative to attaching fenders, the Python makes fender hanging and adjusting simpler than ever.

Set Descending Direction

Items 21 to 28 of 28 total

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