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Marine Cookers

Our range of boat cookers and ovens, suitable also for caravans and motorhomes, are selected from the best trusted names in LPG hobs, cookers and stoves.

Manufacturers such as Thetford, Spinflo and Smev provide galley cookers which couple versatility and reliability with a stylish finish.

Marine Cookers

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  1. Spinflo Duplex Oven and Grill

    Spinflo Duplex oven and grill combo.
  2. Caprice MK3 Oven and Grill

    Full stack cooker, with a separate grill and four ring hob. The Caprice allows you to enjoy your favourite dishes on board

  3. Smev PI8062M Two Ring Hob

    Smev 8062 two ring burner hob with glass lid, stylish, sleek and compact

  4. Thetford Hotplate Twin Hob & Grill Cooker

    Self-enclosed portable twin hob and grill, perfect for compact galleys.

  5. Portable Gas Cooker

    A powerful portable 2kw gas cooker from Bright Spark®, designed for safe use both indoors and outdoors. 

    Starting at: £46.95
  6. Tasman 4500 Twin Hob and Grill

    Stylish, compact twin hob and grill unit, ideal for small galleys.
  7. Voyager 4500 Twin Hob, Grill & Oven

    Superb value compact twin hob, grill and oven ideal for use on boats, caravans, campervans and motorhomes.
  8. Voyager 4500 Twin Hob, Grill & Oven (With Ignition)

    Voyager 4500 twin hob, grill and oven featuring automatic spark ignition.
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Guide to boat ovens, hobs and grills

Our Simple Guide to LPG Cookers, Hobs & Grills

How much space do I have to fit a marine cooker?

Boat and caravan galleys are often limited on space, therefore one of the first considerations for anyone looking to replace or install an LPG cooker is how much space do you have to work with. All of the boat ovens in our range are compact and we have a variety of models from full stack hob, grill and oven combination units, to small worktop hob and grills and even hobs which turn into worktops when not in use!


What type of cooking will I be using my boat stove for?

Similar to the previous question, the scale of the dishes you intend to create on board, coupled with the galley space you have available will dictate the size and capability of the LPG cooking appliance you choose. We have full boat ovens with generous capacities for budding chefs or live aboard boats. Similarly we supply smaller grill and hob units as well as counter top hobs for weekend trips where simple refuels or hearty breakfasts are required.

 Some boat cookers such as the Caprice have glass lids which maximise counter space when the hob is not in use

How easy are they to install?

Most of the boat cookers, hobs and grills in our range come supplied with an 8mm (5/16") spigot which can easily be connected to your internal plumbing using a simple brass coupling. However, these are gas appliances and must be installed by a competent individual, if you are unsure please contact a gas safe engineer.


How do I ensure my LPG cooker, hob and grill are safe?

Modern gas boat and caravan cookers are equipped with a variety of safety features to protect users from the obvious dangers involved when using gas. One of the most prominent and essential of these features are flame failure devices designed to ensure gas will not continue to flow if a flame is extinguished; check these are present on all burners of any gas appliance.

Ensure you have all the relevant gas safety devices installed to your system, this includes a bubble tester to check for leaks and a carbon monoxide alarm in any enclosed areas where a gas appliance is present.

Any boat with a gas system present on board will be subject to the Boat Safety Scheme which needs to be renewed every four years. All gas appliances must comply with and be installed to the regulations of the Boat Safety Scheme full details of which can be found on their website.

*These are guidelines only.  LH Jones and Son ltd (Jones Boatyard) take no responsibility for the incorrect use and subsequent damage as a result of following these guidelines.  If you have any doubt when following the above guidelines, it is advised you contact your nearest boating expert.