Boarding Ladders & Handrails

Boarding Ladders

Boarding ladders are an important addition to any craft in case of recovering a man over board.

Ladders are also often used for accessing the boat from low pontoons or when bathing.

The boarding ladders are designed to either hook over the side of the boat or to be mounted to the transom of the boat. The ladders come in a range of sizes from 2-6 steps depending on the size of your boat.

Bathing Platforms

Bathing Platforms whilst commonly used, as their name suggests, for bathing, they can also come in handy for storing bikes, camping equipment, generators etc. Bathing platforms also allow one to walk around the stern of the boat with ease.


We stock a variety of Handrails for your boat, available in numerous sizes and fashioned out of stainless steal or teak.

Hand rails can be fixed from both above or below depending on your preference. Most of our stainless steel handrails have both surface mounts for fixing from the top, and tapped threads for fixing from below..

For the cost of fitting a boarding ladder or bathing platform to your boat, please ask for a quote from our workshops.

Boarding Ladders & Handrails