MG DUFF pre-season checklist

"Renew your anodes if more than 50% wasted..." Pre- season advice from the UK's largest anode company, MG Duff.

The list of jobs to do whilst the boat is out of the water is long and arduous; antifoul, grp repairs, outdrive servicing etc, however, do not forget to check on your anodes! Their life is hard enough, born to be martyrs, their job is to protect your valuable pieces of sterngear, shafts, outboards (or even the entire hull itself!) by sacrificing themselves to a slow death of decay by electrolisis. Really they deserve a lot more recognition then they currently get!

Here at Jones Boat Chandlery we think it's time to show our appreciation for these little guys, and what better way than to so than to write a blog post explaining how you can show your anodes a little love and attention and identify all is well before the new season. We know a thing or two about anodes in our marina, our company built boats from the 1940's up until the 70's and we have had workshops on site ever since, however when it comes to cathodic protection there's none in the business quite like MG Duff. They have been producing anodes since the 1950's and they are at the forefront of innovation regarding corrosion protection and electrolysis.

MG Duff have compiled a 'Pre-Season Check List' to help you make sure your anodes are fit for the new season...

1. Check you are using genuine MG Duff anodes.

2. Check for any sign of corrosion to propellers, shafts, sterndrives and other hull fittings.

3. Renew anodes if they are more than 50% wasted.

4. Check that the surfaces of your anodes are free of paint and chalky corrosion deposits.

5. Check that your anodes are securely fastened and all fixings are tight.

6. Check all internal bonding to ensure that the connections are clean and the cable is clipped up where necessary.

7. Check that you are fitting the correct anode material for the waters you are in; zinc or aluminium for saltwater, aluminium for brackish water or magnesium for fresh water.

8. When fitting a new anode you should replace the serrated fan disc washers under the nuts and change the backing sheet on wood and GRP hulls.

9. Exposed fixing studs, nuts and washers should be well greased or painted after assembly.


Although replacing anodes can feel like an expensive business if your anodes are wasted and not replaced you will end up with a far bigger bill once your expensive sterngear starts being eaten by corrosion and electrolysis. We stock a wide range of anodes on our online chandlery available for mail order. For more information on anodes and protection visit where they have some incredible resources to help you understand how anodes work and which anodes are right for your boat.

Show your anodes you appreciate their sacrifice, check they are serviceable before your boat goes back in the water this year!