With so many different 12v pumps for boats and caravans on the market choosing a replacement can be a confusing process. That's why we have produced a guide to sort all of our 12v marine and caravan water pumps by their cut out pressure and flow rates, two of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a new 12v water pump.

Our guide is designed to help you establish which 12v water pump(s) would fit most easily into your existing boat or caravan water system, thereby slimming down the amount of jargon you have to sift through before choosing your ideal pump. As such the guide is designed to help you begin the process of choosing a new marine water pump and we suggest further researching the pumps our chart suggests are suitable before making a decision.

How To Use Our 12v Boat & Caravan Water Pumps Guide

To use our guide you will need to know the cut out pressure and flow rate of your old pump or have the pump itself handy as a reference. The chart itself is quite simple, just follow the guide through pressure and flow rate to the suggested pump models listed at the bottom. We advise our customers to never increase the cut out pressure of a 12v pump in an already existing marine or caravan water system; doing this can result in leaks and can disrupt faucets and outlets in the system.

You will notice beside each of the caravan and boat water pumps are a series of icons. These detail a selection of features unique to each pump such as the recommended number of outlets each water pump will serve, what fittings the pumps are supplied with and whether the pump has been designed specifically for use on caravans or if it is suitable for supplying narrowboats with longs runs and multiple outlets. Below the graph are two keys; one defines each of the icons which surround the pumps and the other ties the water pump part numbers to their parent range.

Guide to aid choice of 12v water pump for marine and caravan use

Links To All Our Boat & Caravan 12v Water Pumps

Below is a list of all the pumps detailed on the chart with links to their products on our website;

Alternatively click here to be redirected to our full list of boat and caravan 12v water pumps.