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Anchor Marine Fenders

Anchor Marine are the UKs leading boat fender manufacturer and we stock a wide range of their high quality marine fenders.

These include standard cylindrical fenders, bow fenders, corner / transom fenders and chubby fenders.

All Anchor Marine Fenders are made of a single piece of marine quality UV resistant PVC and they feature reinforced eyes to provide additional strength and durability.

Anchor Marine fenders are available to us in a variety of coulours including classic blues and navys as well as vibrant special order colours such as yellow, green and even silver!

Christmas Dispatch: Orders made after 21st December will not be processed until the new year. For full festive opening hours click here.

Anchor Marine Fenders

Anchor Marine Fenders Free Fender Rope Offer

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  1. Anchor Marine Fenders - Standard

    High quality standard cylindrical fenders available in various sizes and colours.
  2. Anchor Marine Standard Canal Fender Black Anchor Marine Standard Canal Fender Black

    Anchor Marine Standard Canal Fenders

    Hard wearing canal fenders with minimal diameter to maximise space in tight locks.
  3. Anchor Marine Fenders - Standard *SPECIAL ORDER*

    High quality Anchor Marine Standard Fenders in NEW colours for 2016.
  4. Anchor Marine Coloured end fender Anchor Marine Coloured end fender

    Anchor Marine Coloured End Fenders

    For a more classic nautical feeling Anchor Marine produce their standard cylindrical fenders with navy coloured ends. Available in various sizes.
  5. Anchor Chubby Fender 40x36cm A0161

    Anchor Chubby Fenders 16x14"
  6. Anchor Bow Fender Large with Strap A0031

    Anchor Marine Bow Fender with centre strap, 15x5x22".
  7. Anchor Corner Fender A0201 5x4x4"

    Transom Fender / Corner Fender 13x10x10 cm Anchor Marine
  8. Anchor Bow Fender Small with Strap A0021

    Anchor slimline bow fender with centred strap, 11x4x15".
  9. Anchor Bow Fender Small A0011

    Small bow fender available in blue, white and navy. 6x5x11".
  10. Anchor Marine Chubby Fender 30x23cm A0151

    Anchor Marine chubby fenders 12x9". Available in various colours.
  11. Anchor Corner Fender 6x6x5"

    Transom Fender / Corner Fender 15x15x13cm
  12. Flat Canal Fender 42x12x6 cm

    Falt fenders designed for optimum protection in canals. 42x12x6 cm (16x5x2")
  13. Anchor Bow Fender Large A0041

    Large bulbous bow fender 12x8x19".
  14. Anchor Corner Fender 6x3x3"

    Transom Fender / Corner Fender 6x3x3" Anchor Marine
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15 Item(s)