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Anchor Marine Fenders

Anchor Marine Fenders are the number 1 UK manufacturer of boat fenders.Anchor have been manufacturing fenders for more than 50 years.

Anchor Marine products are popular with commercial usersas well as pleasure boat enthusiasts. The fenders are manufactured from a special marine vinyl and proven in harsh environments to protect your boat. The practical design of thr boat fenders and resistance to bursting are down ro the unique quality of the Anchor Maine vinyl which give their boat fenders exceptionally long life and are UV and weather stabilized, so that the fenders last in the most demanding environments. Anchor fenders are all tested against bursting and abrasion. The fenders include special thimbles to prevent "eye" damage to the fenders.

Anchor Marine Fender Colours

Anchor Marine Fenders are traditionally available in either blue or white. In addition to the blue and white fender we can also supply black or burgundy boat fenders. Black or burgundy anchor marine fenders are mostly stock items however non stock anchor boat fenders can take up to 3 weeks to supply.

Anchor Marine Fenders

Anchor Marine Fenders

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  1. Anchor Marine Fenders - Standard

    Anchor Marine fenders are manufactured in the UK by the leading British boat fender manufacturer. The fenders are produced to the highest quality, and are moulded from a single piece of marine grade vinyl that has been tested for durability and is UV resistant to ensure colours do not fade. All fender eyes are reinforced for additional strength.
  2. Anchor Bow Fender Large with Strap A0041

    Anchor Marine Bow Fender with centre strap, 15x5x22.
  3. Anchor Bow Fender Small with Strap A0021

    Anchor Bow Fender with centred strap, 11x4x15"
  4. Anchor Bow Fender Small A0011

    Small bow fender available in blue or white, 6x5x11"
  5. Anchor Bow Fender Large A0041

    Large bulbous bow fender 12x8x19"
  6. Anchor Chubby Fender 30x23cm A0151

    Anchor Chubby Fenders 12x9"
  7. Anchor Chubby Fender 40x36cm A0161

    Anchor Chubby Fenders 16x14"
  8. Corner Fender 5x4x4"

    Transom Fender / Corner Fender 13x10x10 cm Anchor Marine
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9 Item(s)